The Spirit Guild makes a variety of spirits, all of them made from California’s diverse flora and abundant agriculture. While some of our speciality products are available only in the Guild tasting room, others are available throughout California. They are:

Astral Pacific Gin Astral Pacific Gin

Astral Pacific Gin

TASTING NOTES: All gins start with a base spirit. Typically, it is grain-based and industrially manufactured to be as flavorless as possible. Astral Pacific Gin's base spirit is made from clementines, and is purpose distilled to subtly retain some of the character of its source fruit. With a silky texture and a slight lingering sweetness, its proprietary distillate allows our head distiller to compose a gin with structure, a longer finish, and greater definition of component flavors. It is a gin in the classic style, while welcoming some novel flavors to the mix. Pink peppercorn (native to Southern California) and pistachio compliment quintessential gin botanicals such as juniper, coriander, cinnamon, and angelica. To achieve a warmth and balance, two varieties of juniper are used: both juniperus communis and its earthier, local cousin, juniperus californica. The nose is balsalmy, full, and juniper-forward. Spicy notes of pink peppercorn carry across the tongue, yielding to a bright citrus finish.

BOTANICALS: Juniper, coriander, angelica, cinnamon, grapefruit peel, clementine peel, orange tree leaves, pink peppercorn, pistachio, sage, orris root.

RECOMMENDED APPLICATIONS: With its full mouthfeel and long finish, Astral Pacific is atypical in that it can be enjoyed on its own as a sipping gin. It is elegant and balanced in a Perfect Gin Martini, and makes a lovely G&T, garnished with an orange slice. It’s citrus base shimmers in a Vesper, yet gracefully holds its own in a Negroni.

Vapid Vodka Vapid Vodka

Vapid Vodka

TASTING NOTES: Vodka is, by definition, neutral. This usually translates as colorless, odorless, and devoid of character. However, when this traditionally vapid spirit is distilled entirely from a base of clementines, it cannot help but reveal its sunny heritage. Vapid Vodka has a fuller body, a soft texture, and a clean, subtle sweetness. On the nose, it is enticingly fruity, with notes of vanilla custard. The finish is smooth, with a trace of citrus lending structure.

RECOMMENDED APPLICATIONS: With its full mouthfeel and long finish, Vapid Vodka is ideal in a martini. Plays beautifully with both sweet and dry vermouth. Elegant in a Vesper, Moscow mule, Salty Dog, or if you are in a retro mood, a Harvey Wallbanger.

Because no grain is used to make The Spirit Guild products, all of them are absolutely and undoubtably gluten-free!


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